Mini Health Summits

The mini-health summits and town hall meetings bring healthcare professionals, consumer advocates, public service organizations, and consumers together to discuss health disparities and how to eliminate them in the host community. The event is designed by a planning committee that contains representatives from local and state organizations, corporations, medical/dental schools, health care professionals, and consumer advocates. The goal is to create an open forum where panelists can relay important information to the public about health disparities and to empower the audience with knowledge about how to take control of one’s health.

The summit format may vary by location. The general format includes a moderated panel discussion with healthcare professionals and consumer advocates, a keynote speaker, and a Town Hall meeting. Topics range from diabetes, cardiovascular disease, infant mortality, cancer, obesity, HIV/AIDS, and others.

Mini Health SummitIAMMM has convened a number of mini-health summits across the country, including Los Angeles, Houston, and Washington, DC. If you want a health summit in your area please call Denise Robinson, at 202-667-6155 (1-866-94-IAMMM).  Check our calendar for upcoming Summits!