The work of IAMMM is concentrated in four centers:
  • Center for Health Policy
  • Center for Community Outreach and Education
  • The Martin Luther King, Jr. Center For Health Equity
  • The Friends Of Health Disparities Research


    Center for Health Policy

  • Provides leadership in the development and implementation of IAMMM's strategic plan
  • Positively influences federal, state and local commitments through health policy to address and prevent health disparities
  • Monitors and promotes current and proposed policies that provide access and resources to individuals affected by health disparities
  • Focuses its efforts on the past, present and future forces that explain the causes and predict the solutions and strategies for the persistent health disparities in the minority community


    Center for Community Outreach and Education

  • Develop a media and communications strategy that will support the activities of the Center for Health Policy and Center for Research and Analyses
  • Disseminates information regarding health disparities and health disparity-related disease to the general public
  • Develops and maintain an IAMMM Community Health Partnership Database to track and maintain potential partnerships for program implementation.
  • Establishes collaborative grassroots networks with national organizations, public service organizations, fraternities, sororities to develop outreach programs and grassroots initiatives
  • Develops national media programs that will inform, alert, and educate the public about health issues confronting the minority community.
  • Develops Continuing Medical Education and Cultural Competency Language courses for physicians and other health care professionals
  • Utilizes the full complement of multimedia resources, including new digital and Internet technologies to inform, educate, train and sensitize the provider, health care administrator, educator, and consumer on the interrelations of biology, behavior, science, and the legacy of racism as determinants of health disparities


    The Martin Luther King, Jr. Center For Health Equity

  • Senior Fellows Program to host expert panels and educational symposia on Capitol Hill and around the country to address health disparities.
  • Global health symposium and bi-annual summit


    The Friends Of Health Disparities Research

  • Health Scientists, researchers, and other health professionals committed to volunteering to solicit support for research that addresses health disparities
  • Fundraising through direct mail; targeted prospects donors and in-kind support


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