Collaborative Partners Council

IAMMM’s careful study of the causes and consequences of health disparities has verified the importance of increased awareness by competent, minority-serving, and committed organizations. We are among the many advocates in the nation who remain hopeful that the persistent and, seemingly, intractable disparities can finally be diminished. The Collaborative Partners Council (CPC) answers this need by providing a unified voice to create changes in health policies and practices through research, education, and advocacy.

Please join our Collaborative Partners Council today!

Membership in the Collaborative Partners Council (CPC) will provide both a multicultural and multidisciplinary approach to health and healthcare through research, education, and advocacy. The council will provide a forum where expertise is cultivated and leveraged, best practices are disseminated, and resources can be shared. Collectively, as an organization, an individual, or a student member, we can forge a national network in producing solution-oriented policies, preventative practices, and education and outreach programs driven by research.

Why is the CPC beneficial?
As a member of the CPC, you will join a unified and extensive cadre of organizations addressing health disparities as advocates for solution-oriented interventions in health system policies and practices that will address disparities in health and in health care.

The CPC membership will afford you access to:

  1. Partner on a national level among a network of organizations including federal and state government, corporations, academia, foundations, and non-profit and for-profit local, state, and national organizations.
  2. Strategic alliances that open up channels of communication and avoid duplication of similar efforts, by leveraging our respective resources.
  3. Organizations that share common interests in the development and dissemination of information to educate constituents on lessening health disparities.
  4. Collaborative opportunities when advocating for public health policy issues.
  5. A clearinghouse of shared information and resources related to the prevention and elimination of health disparities using public health models for systemic change.
  6. Experts in health and health care disparities through IAMMM’s speakers’ bureau and committed partners.
  7. Capitalize on each others’ individual strengths and areas of expertise across disciplines.

As a member, you will:

  • Be invited to attend our Annual CPC meeting at no cost.
  • Receive advocacy training on health disparities to use on the local, state and national levels.
  • Have access to IAMMM’s national speakers’ bureau.
  • Be invited to all workshops, meetings, or lectures sponsored by IAMMM, especially those in your local area.
  • Be invited as a guest at our Annual Awards Benefit Gala at a reduced rate.
  • Have access to IAMMM’s network of elected officials, corporations, and national health and consumer organizations.
  • Have your organization’s logo linked on IAMMM’s website.

Meet the members of the Collaborative Partners Council.

Please join the CPC today in the fight to eliminate disparities in health and health care!

For more information, please contact:

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